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2014 Honda Grom Prove Scarce at Dealers

Reading across the boards dedicated to this pint sized motorbike paints a grim picture for those of you who may have just heard about the latest addition to the Honda Stable.  This little 125cc bruiser is proving to be a hot commodity that Honda has been limiting the production on.

2014 Honda Grom Proves Hard to Come By

This little guy already has a feverish following, and it has yet to hit the US streets.  Several of the members have hinted at the full waiting lists for the 1, maybe 2 units that the larger dealers will be receiving of the initial shipments.  Dealers are offering customers their personal guarantees when a deposit in hand customer walks through their doors.  It has been a while since so much hype has surrounded the release of a bike.  And I cannot remember the hype surrounding a bike with so few cubic centimeters of displacement.

Click through to read the bad news from the Grom fanboys if you don’t already have your name on one…  Honda Grom Forum

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